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Tweaking the hospitality industry’s customer journey to suit the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way the hospitality industry works forever. Here is how to modify your customer journey into one that fits into this new normal.

1. Increase your online marketing budget

Many are still choosing to stay home despite the easing of restrictions, and working from home is still the norm in many companies. This means that instead of print ads, social media will be the only point of contact your customers have with you. You could post more regularly about what your brand has done to protect customers and the safety measures you have in place for them to enjoy your impeccable service and facilities even during the pandemic. This way, you will be the first to come to mind when customers eventually decide to engage in staycations or business travel.

2. Going digital

Although digitalisation has been gaining traction in recent years, 2020 is the best time to do so. Despite the easing of restrictions, customers still want to minimise as much human contact as possible. This means check-ins and reservations should be made through mobile applications and websites instead of in person. Going digital also means that you are able to obtain customer data for contact tracing easily.

3. Safety first

With the pandemic, everything that was normal has drastically changed – we no longer simply waltz into a hotel. Things such as temperature taking and sanitising our hands before entering an establishment are now commonplace, and we expect businesses in the hospitality industry to sanitise their facilities regularly.

Ventilation is also important: sharing the same air for prolonged periods increases the chances of getting the virus. Tweak or revamp your store’s layout into an open-aired one that ensures safe distancing is in place. Another way to minimise contact is by changing your doors into automatic ones, which makes it safer for your customers and staff alike.

As health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, customers need to know that your brand is taking the necessary precautions to make sure they are safe. Only then will they be at ease with entering your business compounds.

4. Contactless service

During their stay with you, regardless of whether you are a hotel, resort or entertainment business, customers will prefer to have reduced interactions with your service staff. One way to do this would be to digitise things such as menus, have keyless door entries and implement contactless payment methods. You could also reduce touchpoints to reduce the cleaning your staff will have to do, as well as minimise the chance of contamination.

5. Geniality, even while wearing masks

Having impeccable service during these times would separate you from the crowd. Despite the mask wearing requirements and the minimised contact with guests, service staff can conduct personal check-ins via text or mobile applications to make sure your customers are having a good time. Using a mobile-friendly application that ties into the customer experience – ordering food, getting room service, navigating your premises – ensures that your business still provides the same level of personable service without coming into physical contact with your customers.

It is going to be a long while before the hospitality industry bounces back. Differentiate yourself from the others by modifying your customer journey with Convergence Concepts into one that allows your customers to have ease of mind during their time with you.

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