Why digital branding is more important than ever, now that we spend all our time indoors

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With people still afraid to leave their homes due to the pandemic, companies must beef up their digital branding strategies to retain their clientele. Here is why.

What is digital branding?

Branding in the digital sphere happens when a company uses a mix of digital platforms to reach out and create a relationship with their potential userbase. This includes touchpoints such as your website, social media accounts, content marketing and paid ads.

Why is it important?

Customers have switched their focus to digital mediums

Because of the pandemic, people are going out less – which is why physical touchpoints are no longer effective in today’s climate. Instead, according to the CMO Survey: COVID-19 and the State of Marketing done by Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, 84.8% of customers are now more open to new online offerings. Marketers have also increased their budgets by 74% since February, and mobile spend has increased by 70%. People are now looking for sales online, and as companies pivot to online mediums, it is important to perfect your digital branding to stand out from the crowd.

No longer interested in traditional media

When was the last time you watched television, read a physical newspaper, or prowled magazines for leads? Traditional advertising has been losing its relevance – people want their information instantaneously, without having to flip through different channels or pages to look for what they want.

Personifies you as a company – they want to know that you care

In recent years, clients now expect brands take a stand on world issues. Brands are no longer simply selling their products; to get the most out of digital branding, you must show that you care. 78% of people expect companies to care about their staff’s health during the pandemic, and that your company cares more about the state of the world than profit.

Your company should showcase what you have done to ensure safety and health of your employees. This enhances credibility and trust your customers have with your brand – caring for your employees must mean that you care about your clients too. When your brand has a strong voice and personality, you can then create a loyal brand following and community.

Global reach

Many companies are now cutting back on their spending due to the loss of revenue. However, digital branding helps to boost your business by giving you global exposure. A business with good social media branding and a search-engine-optimised website will bring forth more leads for your company, and you might even be able to expand your operations to countries that were previously out of reach. In addition, as your digital mediums will be available 24/7, there will be no need to worry about time differences.

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