Useful and inexpensive benefits of B2B content marketing

Business-to-business content marketing is an approach to attracting and retaining customers over time. It allows businesses to cut through the noise of today’s advertising landscape and provide B2B buyers with the information they need when they need it. One benefit of content marketing that is often overlooked is it does not cost a lot.

Forbes reports that content marketing can create three times as many leads for around 62% less than more traditional methods of advertising. Businesses risk losing out on sales and new leads if they don’t implement content marketing techniques properly (or at all). In addition, a top-down sales approach places an undue burden on the shoulders of the sales teams (e.g. cold outreach and cold calling).

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Struggling to formulate your own B2B content marketing strategy? In this article, we’ll discuss the cost-effective benefits of B2B content marketing and provide some content marketing approaches that will help you get started with your own.

Content marketing continually serves a business

The effects of effective content marketing can last for a long time. If you pay for an ad, it serves no purpose until people see it. One could say that content marketing is like a never-ending present. When you create content tailored to each step of the buyer’s journey, even previously published pieces will feel new and exciting to those who have just found them there. Therefore, once you have developed interesting material, you may update and refresh it occasionally to keep it functioning.

Content can be repurposed
Utilizing a variety of content formats and distribution channels, content marketing helps spread your brand’s message further. Some examples are:

  • A blog article can be quickly shared on social media or adapted into a newsletter.
  • The same material can serve as the basis for a video or infographic.
  • In order to get buyers to download your white paper or eBook, you may use shorter pieces of content like blog posts and emails to tease them with a taste of what’s to come.

  • With content marketing, one material can be used in several different ways to interact with the target audience.

    Content marketing can broaden conversation channels

    As you create content for your website or company blog, consider how it can spark more discussions in other channels. B2B marketers can use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc., to spread their content and boost their brand awareness.

    Do you have extensive “how to” instructions available on your site? You may make it available for download and share the link on your company’s LinkedIn or create a survey for your campaign landing pages. Over time, if you keep up with creating conversations through content, you’ll see your social following expand and additional opportunities will open for meaningful conversations which can then be converted into leads.

    Content marketing allows for constant optimization

    There are several advantages to being able to optimize material whenever you like. Understanding what works and what doesn’t is made simple with content. You can now quickly track the success of your marketing efforts with each piece of content you publish across all channels.

    Optimization is a great benefit for any organization, whether it’s optimizing B2B landing pages or optimizing LinkedIn posts because it costs next to nothing to implement and yields high-quality research via real-time analytics.

    B2B content marketing approaches

    Now that you know of the benefits, here are several approaches to help you kickstart your own B2B content marketing strategies.

    Testimonials and Reviews
    The use of customer reviews and testimonials is a powerful method of social proof since it gathers information about a product or service from the people who are actually using it.

    Ensure that reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers are easy to find and use by placing them in a prominent location on your website. Alternatively, testimonials and reviews are versatile in that they can be in the form of a webinar, video interview, or even newsletters.

    It’s possible that your B2B clients won’t be ready to buy right away. Customers can be nurtured through the sales process by adding their email addresses to a mailing list. Subscribers will gain more value and insight if you also send them e-books about the goods and services your company offers.

    Think about the broad types of information that pertain to your company when deciding what to write about in an e-book. Following that, zero in on a specific need or problem facing your target audience, and how your e-book might help them.

    B2B webinars allow businesses to speak directly to and educate a targeted audience tackling a specific problem about the unique approach, benefits, and advantages that the presenting company offers in resolving that problem. The benefits of including B2B webinars in your content marketing plan cannot be overstated.

    Moreover, you can get more out of your marketing budget by recording webinars and using them later for content marketing by posting shorter, more accessible versions of them on your website, blog, and social media accounts.

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