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Underutilised features that would make your virtual event successful

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

By now, all of us have become experts on virtual webinar clients such as Zoom, Skype and Webex. However, what more can we do to improve our experience? Here are five underutilised features that would make your virtual event successful.

1. Registration forms

Isn’t it a hassle to create and collate registration forms, sort them out on Excel to find out who is coming, and then finding out that the people who are on the list do not match the ones attending? Virtual webinar clients can now help you do this by handling your registration on the same platform as well. Your guests can register themselves before the event, and only then will they be able to receive a link to join your webinar. This way, you get to filter out your attendees to make sure it is invite-only, and you get to handle it all on the same platform too.

2. Rehearsal mode

This function can be found on clients such as Zoom and Webex Events. Before you launch your webinar for the whole world to see, you can utilise this function to conduct a final dry run and technical check with your speakers and panelists before you go live. This is especially helpful if you have a large panel who might not be that familiar with the application or those who have missed previous rehearsals. Rehearsal mode is easier than switching from room to room as once you are ready, you can launch the virtual event – and everything is already in place.

3. Raise hand

The raise hand function is often forgotten as we type most of our thoughts or questions out during virtual events instead. However, webinars can get boring when it’s simply one speaker droning on and on, and creates very little engagement between them and the audience. Therefore, the raise hand function can be a good way to include your audience by allowing them to ask questions during the event, while remaining respectful to the speaker.

4. Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are useful for webinars where discussions take place, or for networking sessions in between webinars. This allows your attendees to make industry contacts and expand their professional network, and it also gives your speaker a short break before everyone convenes again.

5. Plethora of external add-ins

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on your preferred software, chances are that someone is looking for that exact same feature too. In fact, someone might have already built it! Most virtual meeting platforms have the option to include add-in functions, so you do not need to worry if there is a function missing – you can just add them in!

If webinars, virtual events or online conferences are too complicated to handle on your own, or if you simply prefer a hands-free experience, Convergence Concepts will be able to organise them for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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