Optimising your brand’s digital customer experience

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Now that we are all working remotely, it is doubly important for us to optimise our digital customer experience. Long gone are the days where clients correspond in person – we now value processing information at our own speed. Here are six ways to make sure your organisation does not lose out on the digital front.

Be quick

We live in a fast-paced society. Therefore, one of the things city-dwellers value the most is speed. Having rapid response times and a convenient user interface for all your touchpoints – apps, website – is vital. If it is too complicated, your clients might end up switching to a competitor instead.

Personalise content for your clients

Who would not like feeling special? Using analytics, you can personalise content for your clients based on their viewing habits. For example, if they are reading an article about investment strategies on your website, you could link related pages such as bank accounts and the types of investments you offer. This way, they would not have to sound out the information on their own and this gives your pages higher clicks and rates of conversion.

Streamlined visuals

Aesthetics are now the crux of digital media. Therefore, your visuals must be consistent across all platforms. It would be good to have a standardised font and corporate colours. Graphics should also be of the same style, on both your website and social media, to convey the tone of your organisation.

Make your touchpoints mobile-friendly

In Singapore, the use of mobile devices has been rising exponentially – in 2019, sales for mobile devices increased by 11%. Thus, it is pivotal to optimise your touchpoints to be easily accessible via mobile. It is also essential that your touchpoints such as banking applications and websites are designed with straightforward navigation in mind. This ensures that you do not lose out on the clients who prefer using their mobile devices over their desktops.

Give clients a forum to provide feedback

Regardless of the type of business you are, it is vital to give your clients an avenue to provide feedback for your service or product. Embedding survey links in your follow-up emails, or getting them to rate you out of five stars for your customer service would be instrumental in finding out the areas you’re doing well in and where you need to improve. This also promotes open communication with your clients when they see that you are putting in the work to change.

Integrate both digital and physical customer experiences

Having a seamless online experience that can be continued in real life exemplifies ease and convenience. For example, your client can discuss their investment needs with online chat support and then pick up the conversation where it left off during a follow-up meeting in person. As the digital and physical experiences complement each other, we must make sure they both do equally well.

Optimising the digital customer experience is not easy and would be tough to tackle on your own. At Convergence Concepts, we can help you craft the perfect digital experience for your clients. Contact us today.

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