How We Work
Understand, Comunicate, Deliver

Our work starts even before we meet you. From your first enquiry, we will do preliminary research for us to prepare questions to ask you when we take your brief. We will ask you about your desired business outcomes and audience profile. We will also seek to understand your brand positioning and find out about the market you are operating in (and how crowded it is). We will ask about your current and future marketing initiatives and how your upcoming event integrates into your overall marketing plan.


Based on the information we have gathered from you, we will:

  • advise you on the design strategy and theme
  • suggest venues in line with your product, service and desired audience profile
  • extract your key messages produce a design and project management plan

We will then design and fabricate the exhibit displays and marketing collaterals to communicate your messages through multiple touch points and channels that are best suited for your brand, products and services. All these are done with the aim of informing, inspiring and motivating your desired audience to take action that will lead to your aspired business outcomes.


Then comes 'set-up' day, when we start putting up the exhibit displays according to the design plan.

We also prepare the other aspects of the project before we go "Live". Everyone is briefed and ready to engage with the visitors.



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