How to make a brand slogan for a Biomedical company

A catchy slogan can help communicate to your demographic who you are, what you offer, and how your company is distinct from your competitors. And although it appears straightforward on paper, there is a great deal of work that goes into developing a catchy phrase for your brand. After all, it takes some expertise to condense your company’s value proposition down to such a catchy phrase. In this article, we will briefly define a slogan and how to create a brand slogan for biomedical products and campaigns.

The definition of a slogan

A slogan is a short, catchy phrase that is used to promote a company, a product, a service, or an event. Like a logo and a brand name, a slogan is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign. Slogans for brands especially those in the biomedical industry should be succinct and memorable. It should not be too long to lose in thought, yet not too short to be easily forgotten.

The characteristics of a good brand slogan

Conveying a major benefit and evoking favourable associations with your biomedical business should be accomplished with as few words as possible. The goal is for your target market to read a short snippet about your biomedical brand value and learn how it can improve your customer’s lives. At the same time, a study identified these 3 significant factors that make a good slogan:

  • Simple – An efficient slogan conveys your brand’s essence in a few succinct words.
  • Targeted – Successful brands have a deep understanding of their target demographic. A good slogan is one that appeals to the target audience’s wants and needs.
  • Distinct – A tagline is a brief phrase that summarizes your brand’s value proposition and what sets your biotech company apart from others in the market.

  • How to formulate a brand slogan for your biomedical products and campaigns

    The best slogan to enhance brand identity and sales for your company depends on what you sell. It’s vital to put some thought into coming up with the ideal catchphrase for your brand, as it can play a role in your marketing and promotion efforts. To help you craft the perfect brand slogan for your biomedical business, let’s examine some of the most crucial elements needed.

    1. Identify your brand slogan’s purpose and audience
    As an illustration, a company making pacemakers should use a tagline that inspires confidence and trust in its customers, as individuals in the market for a pacemaker will likely be depending on it to improve their quality of living. So, it is important to know whom you are talking to and what you want to accomplish before you begin.

    2. Consider your message
    What does your target market stand to gain from purchasing or using your product? As opposed to competitors, why does yours fare better? Find out whom you are selling to and how your product helps them. Use the slogan to fulfil these questions or to describe how your offering will directly address the concerns of your target customer.

    3. Simple and short
    Don’t use flowery language; instead, get to the point quickly and clearly. Reduce the number of words you utilize to express an idea to make it more memorable. Always be truthful, credible, and practical in your promotional brand message; doing so will go a long way toward establishing rapport between your target customers and your business.

    4. Time to brainstorm
    You can begin thinking of brand slogans once you have settled on what you want to say and how you want to say it. Get out all ideas of the slogans that you have thought of, even the bad ones. Take into account the initial impression your company name makes and expand on it by thinking about brand slogans that can add to or strengthen your message.

    If you get stuck with no more slogan ideas, maybe it’s best to take a break and then come back again with a refreshed mind. Once you have settled on a brand slogan, you may gauge interest by pitching it to your social circle.

    10 examples of brand slogans for the medical industry

    Here are 10 samples of biomedical industry brand slogans for you to get inspired:
  • Bringing excellence into lives.
  • Achieving a new standard of medical care.
  • Your health is in our hands.
  • Innovating for a healthier future.
  • Focused on bettering the health of patients everywhere.
  • Principles-driven, people-powered.
  • Patient-inspired. Scientifically based.
  • Evolving lives.
  • Extending the limits of medical innovation.
  • Revolutionary technology for better health.

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