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Hi, !

Which Blub would you like to be for today?

As a Webinar Manager, you are expected to manage the esteemed guests of our webinar. Please review the list of attendees and provide access to them before the webinar begins.

This game is not an actual depiction of the webinars we work on.

Stage 1

Browse through the names of distinguished guests displayed on the left. Compare the names on the screen on the right with the names on the list. Admit them once their identity has been confirmed.



Stage 2

It’s showtime!
This stage simulates the common scenarios that usually happen during a live webinar. Follow the on-screen instructions for the best experience possible!



As the Event Manager, you are in charge of coordinating the booth setup in preparation for the opening of Convergence Expo 2023. Aim to finish up before the event starts!

This game is not an actual depiction of how booths are set up in real life.

Help the event production team find their designated areas by matching their names to the work area. Click on the event team whom you wish to interact with before clicking on the work area. Note that there will be a need for numerous vendors for some areas.


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