5 big landing page problems in a financial service business will face

Lead generation is essential for those in the financial services sector, as it is in any sector. In order to generate quality leads for your financial services business, you need a landing page that is optimized for that purpose. Simply put, the quality of the landing pages that your marketing campaigns direct visitors to will determine how successful those efforts are. After all, a high click-through rate serves no purpose if it does not meet your objective of generating leads.

If you’re having trouble with the performance of your financial services landing pages, we’ve listed 5 possible issues and solutions to help you get back on track.

Uncertainty and lack of trust among consumers

The percentage of people who think banks actually care about their long-term financial success is 43%. In addition, although the 2007 financial catastrophe has long since passed, the trust of financial customers has not yet entirely recovered. Building trust is crucial in the financial industry because of the importance of personal connections.


Make trust and brand loyalty among potential customers a top priority by emphasizing relationship building. Content marketing is one approach to fostering connections with a broad audience. In order to establish yourself as a reliable resource for your customers and establish yourself as an industry leader, you should provide them with free, informative, and objective information. You should incorporate this into your landing page in areas such as the terminology you employ to ensure that your page visitors fully grasp the message you wish to convey.

Keeping up in the financial services industry

Competitiveness is high in the financial sector. The industry as a whole is exposed to intense competition, whether we’re talking about tax consulting, financial technology, accounting, investment banking, or insurance. In a technologically democratized market, when all competitors have access to the same marketing resources, talent, and drivers, standing out or maintaining a lead may seem impossible. How can businesses offering financial services develop marketing campaigns that will stand out from the crowd but will also be difficult for rivals to imitate? In what ways can they sustain a competitive edge in the marketplace?


Competing successfully in today’s highly competitive financial industry requires mastery. If you want to generate more inbound leads with the same amount of marketing budget, one example is to become an expert in content marketing. Aside from organic search engine optimization (SEO), mastering pay-per-click (PPC) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) can also yield substantial returns.

Employing data and customer profiling tools

The financial services industry stands to gain a great deal from the integration of big data, AI, and predictive customer analytics. Data privacy, security, and processing laws and regulations, however, continue to be significant roadblocks for most organizations. At the same time, most financial services marketing departments may lack the foundational technology required to capture high-quality data and transform it into useful insights. In terms of customer analytics, the financial sector might be having a hard time gathering and linking relevant data points. Some financial services fail to make informed strategic decisions because they lack a comprehensive data and consumer analytics plan and instead rely on restricted surveys that may or may not accurately reflect client preferences.


Understanding and measuring the data you already have is the first step in developing a useful data and analytics strategy. Secondly, consider what other information you can gather (such as website analytics or customer relationship management data) and how you intend to use it. Third, team up with an experienced digital marketing service provider to turn this data into actionable decisions.

Keep things simple and straightforward

It’s common to feel overwhelmed when tasked with building landing pages for financial services. It’s also tempting to try to impress potential customers by providing as much detail as can. However, the reality is that visitors to your landing page won’t spend much time scrolling. Faster than you can say “convert” they’ll be on their way out. This is why it’s crucial to provide fast and easy access to the information they seek.


Design your landing page to be simple and easy to read. Your landing page should also have a clear and concise call to action. Your site’s visitors likely have a problem or inquiry in mind when they first arrive. Your landing page’s ability to meet the visitor’s needs is crucial to a successful conversion. If it doesn’t, they’ll be leaving.

The most effective landing pages in the financial sector will be straightforward and user-centric. Showcase only the data that is needed. Landing pages with simple forms are more effective than those with more complex forms. But do note that the information and length of your forms will vary from business to business and page to page.

Continue to refine for better optimization

High conversion rates from your financial services landing page can only be achieved through continuous testing and optimization. Make minor adjustments, try out a few different landing pages, and keep the ones that perform the best.


Conversion rates, lead generation, and sales can all benefit from even the slightest of adjustments. Seek out areas that can be optimized or improved and run tests to discover which variation fares best.

Areas of testing can include:
  • Headline text
  • Effectiveness of landing page media
  • Call to action
  • Colour and page aesthetic

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